The web abounds with offers of super-duper Italian language courses that promise to make you fluent in the language within weeks or even days. Some will rewire the neuron pathways in your brain, and you will magically wake up one day and speak in tongues. Others, somewhat less ambitiously, promise the use of esoteric cutting edge media-rich pedagogical methods that will enable you to cut learning time by 90% or more. Some give you a word-a-day or a phrase-a-day, each disjointed and out of any context. And so on…

Now, far be it from us to pass judgment on any of these competing methods. We simply want to share with you our experience, which is, in a nutshell, that learning a new language is hard work. This is true especially for adults, and independently of the methodology used. So, what we offer you is, if not exactly blood and tears, at least sweat, of the intellectual kind. And results proportionate to the amount of effort that you put into your Italian studies, period. Well, allright, a little fun is not entirely out of the question, either!

So, want a magic formula? Pass us over and buy a language course from Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur. Or, are you interested in making a commitment to a serious on-line approach and willing to work hard? Then by all means spring for $50 and subscribe to our site. You can put the hundreds you save to better uses, such as throwing a spectacular Italian party for all your friends!

sinceri saluti e in bocca al lupo!

Director, IEI


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